Remember, before you apply for any type retirement benefits remember these Social Security basics:

  1. Your full retirement age. This could affect the amount of your benefits and when they should start.
  2. When you start benefits – your benefits could start as late as 70.
  3. Benefits are reduced for age – your monthly payments will be reduced if started before your full retirement age.
  4. Working while you receive benefits – you will need to know how continuing to work can affect your benefits.
  5. Delayed retirement credits – these may be added to your plan if they start after your full retirement age.
  6. Life expectancy – you will want to choose a retirement age based on your circumstances to make sure you’ll have enough income when you need it.

MLR Financial Company can help you answer questions about your Social Security and Medicare. When should I start? How does it work? How do I apply for benefits? Contact us today and let’s plan for your senior years.


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