Medicare Insurance Program

Begun in the 1960s as our national health insurance program, Medicare is now more than a half century old. It provides health insurance for more than 52 million people over age 65, and for about 8 million younger people as well. One of its most significant and popular evolutions has been Medicare Advantage, which enhances the original plan.

For many of us with important health care decisions on the line, sorting through Medicare Advantage Plans can be confusing, and time consuming. But it need not be that way. Call us. Step by step, MLR will guide you through Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. It’s what we do.

Our Promise

  • A stress-free, transparent working relationship.
  • Staff who are responsive to your needs and trained to offer the appropriate solution.
  • Dedication to finding your best health care plan, for the best rates, with the expertise to clearly explain why it’s right for you.
  • Access to the largest and most successful health care insurance providers in the field.
  • Medicare solutions.

Your Options

If you are new to Medicare, need help making choices, or you just want a second opinion, please call us. Millions of Americans rely on Medicare for health care insurance, and so can you. MLR will walk you through all the plans that make sense for you. Asking the right questions, explaining your options, helping you make the right decisions, is what we do.

Small Businesses and Medicare health insurance

Business owners, if your company has employees age 65 and over, you may be able to save on premium costs while increasing benefits. Ask us.

The next step is yours

Call us. We’ll set your mind at ease with a clear understanding of Medicare health insurance, and a nice sense of comfort knowing you made the best decision for your future. MLR professionals have the first-hand knowledge, training and expertise to help you get informed.

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We’re here to help answer your questions. Financial, insurance, and tax matters can be complicated, our experienced professionals are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your accounts. We take great pride in using our experience for you and look forward to hearing from you!